Photo Gallery of the Beautiful Northwest

The best part of these pictures, is the fact YOU can see them in person, if you lived here.  You are welcome to this country.  It's the most beautiful country in the world! 
I hope you enjoy these awesome scenes. 

When you get through looking at these photos, call or e-mail me to join us here in the Pacific Northwest.  It's the most beautiful place to live in the world, and you can live here!

--- Paul Holtzheimer, Your Realtor

(Bellingham, Whatcom County)

All photos shown on this page were taken by Paul Holtzheimer, your LOCAL realtor.

  Extraordinary Sunsets
along Birch Bay will welcome  you most any day. Here, every day is like being on vacation!
If you lived here, you can take long leisurely strolls through the luscious dense forests, and relax!  
  You rest along your long walks to just listen to the birds and rippling creeks and waterways.

Every place you look, it's like a watercolor painting! But it's real!

Camping, hiking, walking trails through the awesome mountains can be done everyday if you like. Here is one of my favorite places:  
  In addition to the mountains, just minutes from your door are the San Juan Islands, where you can go whale-watching, kayaking, and boating.

Crystal clear mountain lakes abound with fish, and offer the world's most beautiful camping. All of this, just for you!

  Water activities abound, such as this "dragon boat" race through one of the many salt-water channels.
The fishing industry here, gives the character of small village life.  A quiet walk along the many, many piers offers breathtaking images of color and charm. And it's free for you to enjoy while living here!  
  The fertile farmlands that surround the towns and cities here are the leading producers of berries, and vegetables sent all around the world.

The worlds longest peaceful border between two countries is marked by the "Peace Arch" and the parks at the border crossing in Blaine.

  Cities and towns rise from the shores of the ocean here. With a backdrop of snow-capped mountains, you enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyles, of peace and tranquility.

As I create these web pages, living here in the Pacific Northwest, I look out my window and see two deer peacefully grazing in my yard, not 20 feet from me.  You too, can enjoy such scenic wonders as above.  You too, can have a home in this part of heaven. The cities are well maintained.  The country side is lush with greenery for which others pay fortunes.  The life in the Birch Bay, Blaine, and Ferndale areas of Whatcom County is the best you will find.  It's a life of peace and contentment.  Yet we brag about some of the nation's top schools! 

I personally took all of these photos.  This place is so very special.  I want to share it with you.  Please call me, or e-mail me, and let me find that perfect home for you and your family.  Call (360) 303-4444, or e-mail paul @   Remember, I'm an independent realtor, yet I have access to thousands of homes and land parcels, just for you!


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